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Lynca D750B Memory Card + Cell Hard Storage Box

Lynca D750B Hard Storage Box

Large Capacity: 6 SD Cards +35 AA Cell Storage Capacity

Safety: Hard Box and imported Quilty

Quick Snap Lock:The ergonomic locking system can open and close easily

Battery Organizer with Tester: You Can Check Cell Charging in it

Sturdy and convenient:Battery holder inside fill with flexible pre-cut sponge

2,600.00 3,500.00

Lynca D750B Hard Storage Box

Lynca D750B Hard Storage Box Holds 6 SD Cards and 35 AA Batteries Case – with Built-in Battery Tester (SD*6 AA Battery*35″)

Large Capacity:

This AA Battery Storage and SD Memory Card Case Holder can accommodate 6 SD Memory Cards and 35 AA Batteries.


Molded rubber interior lining, durable polycarbonate resin exterior with a weather-resistant seal to keep out water, dust, and debris using ABS and thermoplastic rubber material, This battery organizor and SD memory cards case protect your battery and memory card from being damaged

Quick Snap Lock:

The ergonomic locking system can open and close easily. Each slot tailors to fit the card and battery perfectly. sealed buckles prevent water from seeping, provide full protection for your batteries

Battery Organizer with Tester:

Built-in AAA AA power detector easy to detect the remaining battery power, according to the amount of storage and use. super convenient and quick to distinguish which batteries need recycling, which batteries still work, which needs to replenish.

Sturdy and convenient:

Battery holder inside fill with flexible pre-cut sponge. According to batteries size, slots customization in battery storage container. Pre-cut slots which tightly fixes batteries, keeps batteries snug in place. In addition, each battery stores separately. The battery ends will not touch, not cause explosion and fire due to friction and collision. Battery container is home essential and ideal gift for family, friends and employees.