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SJCAM C300 4K Dual Touchscreen Action Camera (Black)


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Key Features
  • Compact Action Camera for Video/Stills
  • Capture up to 4K30 Video and Audio
  • 6-Axis Gyroscope Stabilization
  • 1.3″ Front and Back HD Displays
  • 154° Wide-Angle Lens
  • Supports Live Streaming, Remote Control
  • iOS/Android App with Editing Tools
  • Supports microSD Card up to 128GB
  • 2800mA Battery, H.265/H.264 Support
  • Waterproof to 98′ with Included Case

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Out of stock


Designed as an easy-to-use, tiny portable action camera, the black SJCAM C300 4K Action Camera captures up to 4K30 or 2K60 video and is so compact, it can be mounted anywhere. The camera features a built-in 6-axis gyro stabilizer to capture smooth images when mounted on moving vehicles like boats, bikes, or cars. It features dual bright 1.3″ HD touchscreen displays and a removable remote control.
High-Resolution Design
The C300’s new image sensor extracts delicate 4K video and 20MP stills, and it restores true color grain, allowing whites to shoot cinema-quality blockbusters anytime, anywhere. The camera captures JPG stills and uses high-quality, low-latency H.265/H.264 video encoding. There are two 1.3″ touchscreens on the front and back, so you can preview your image when you’re the camera operator or the talent.
6-Axis Stabilization
The built-in six-axis gyro stabilizer feeds the shake effect to the image processor, allowing the camera to capture clear and stable images. Whether handheld recording or mountain biking, it is stable and steady.
The C300 features built-in Wi-Fi so you can connect to the included iOS/Android SJCAM app to download your recorded videos and photos and share them directly to social media platforms while managing the camera configuration. The companion app also offers some editing tools and allows you to live stream from the camera, and the camera can be used as a webcam when plugged into a computer.
Hardware Features

Using the included waterproof housing, the C300 is waterproof down to 98′, so shooting underwater scenes is no problem. A removable remote control detaches and pairs instantly, so you can control the camera wirelessly.

It also features a microSD card slot and supports up to 128GB capacity cards for recording. It features an internal 2800mAh lithium-ion battery for long runtimes, and it charges via an included USB-C cable. Multiple included mounts provide numerous options for mounting the camera on just about any surface.