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Umbrella With Single Bulb Holder


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Product Highlights:

  • 2. With independent switch, 280cm power cord
  • 3. The interface diameter is about 15mm, the interface diameter is about 45mm
  • 4. With reflective umbrella Jack, the lamp holder can rotate 180 degrees
  • 5. Materials made of high-strength nylon, with high strength, long service life characteristics

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Out of stock

Umbrella With Single Bulb Holder PRICE IN PAKISTAN IS 2500RS


The White Studio Umbrella are designed to be used with any tungsten or flash light source, umbrellas will soften, amplify, and ease the light output to subject. Umbrellas with a white interior will soften and wane light more than an umbrella with a silver lining. A white umbrella without a black backing may also be used as a makeshift softbox, although the use of the light will not be as efficient as lightbox. This umbrella is made of diffusive nylon fabric and easy to use in tight spaces. It has minimum light reduction.

Outdoor Techniques

Walls also make ideal Umbrella reflectors outdoors, reflecting sunlight back upon a subject and reducing shadows (and hence overall contrast) according to the color, size and proximity of the wall. A more readily available alternative is the portable, lightweight, collapsible reflector, commercially available in a range of sizes and colors, or improvised using a sheet of card stock or even a bed sheet. Stands may be erected to retain these reflectors, although it is often much more convenient and practical to have an assistant hold and manipulate them.


Single Bulb Holder:

Studio Slave Bulb Designed to work with all E27 screw light, accommodate light bulbs or slave flash, built in umbrella holder and light stand mount, easy mount to light stand and easily adjustable for different shooting angles. Perfect for holder your photo umbrellas, slave flash or light bulbs. It mounts on any standard light stand. The extra long cords help you move them freely to position it for best lighting effects. Easy to use screw in head will fit standard photo bulbs. This adapter/light holder will fit all your lighting needs from photo flood to strobe lights.

Can be Mounted on any standard photo studio light stands
Can be Added a umbrella reflector
Adjustalbe Light Source in different angle
Brand New Design to Work with All E27 Screw Light

Package: NoType:Bulb Holder SocketSwitch:ON / OFF ControlColor:BlackWeight:200g

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