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What is the cost of boya Mic in Pakistan?

Are you here because you want to know the Price of boya Mic in Pakistan? Are you looking for the best boya mic that can turn your smartphone into recording studio? There are a variety of boya mics and each cost differently.

Boya mics are a very important small tools that you can combine with your phone for further functionalities such as high quality recording. Like what I said before, they are available in different types and models. You can get them in a variety of price ranges, ranging from Rs 1500 to Rs 8,000. So it is up to you to decide which boya mic to buy based on different specifications and needs.

So, when you’re in the market for a new boya mic, either buy something as cheap as Rs 1500 or something as expensive as Rs 8,000. It is determined from several factors including:

  • Sensitivity

A microphone’s sensitivity is also a key aspect of its cost; So if a homey climate should occur, a less open and less exorbitant mic will do its job competently and magnificently. A microphone’s performance also depends on the type of gears it is used with. Excellent microphone packages can promise you better recording, if not then it might perform less than impressively.

This is the reason why conference mics cost so expensively. The sensitivity also affects where to apply your man. There are directional and unidirectional mics. In most cases unidirectional mics are expensive.

  • The place of purchase

The place of purchase also determines the Price of boya Mic m1 in Pakistan. Many believe that you can pay less when you buy boya mic online. This is not true and if you are not keen you may end up paying more than you could have at your local store nearby. When shopping online, the shipping fee is sometimes included which makes up the final amount you can pay for a particular model of boya mic.

1. How can I make my motorcycle tires last longer?

For the long service life of your motorcycle tires, there is no other wonder than ensuring sufficient air pressure, correct wheel alignment, recommended load capacity, and avoidance of direct sunlight.

2. Should I buy cheap boya mics?

Cheap mics are great and worth buying. But only if you choose the right one.

3. What is the expensive boya mic?

There are a variety of boya mics in the market that are worth buying. The Boya conference mic-o2 is the most expensive model costing RS 8,000.

4. How long will my boya mic last?

It depends on the model. However, expect an average lifespan of more than two years if you bought a quality model.


So, if you were unsure about the Price of boya Mic in Pakistan as of today know that they cost in between RS 1500 and RS 8,000. The cost of a particular boya mic model is determined by sensitivity, application and place of purchase.