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Omnidirectional Microphone: Why Do You Need It?

Microphones are now one of the essential items for those who make videos. Today there are many people who make videos on different subjects. The matter and quality of the video make it attractive and watchable. But visual is not everything that contributes to the quality of the video. Sound plays a great role in every video too.

No matter how much beautiful the scenario is or how loud your vehicle is roaring, if it is not audible, it is a waste of worth. Especially when the ASMR food videos are getting popular, it is necessary to focus on sound. The audio and visual together make a video worth a watch. And here comes the need of an omnidirectional microphone, which is capable of capturing sound from all directions. While unidirectional microphones might be more common, omnidirectional microphones like those from Boya Mic are the need of the hour. While one might argue with a list of benefits of unidirectional microphone at hand, there are quite a few advantages of omnidirectional microphones. There are some situations where these are better choice than unidirectional ones. You will find the Price of boya Mic m1 in Pakistan affordable and this is a quality choice.

Less wind choice

Wind noise is something which sometimes feels really great. The slow hushing sound by your ear might feel dreamy and even sleepy. The sound may be enough to let one forget everything to enjoy the beauty of nature. But at times this hushing sound becomes a trouble in life. Especially when shooting a video, the sound of wind can become a deafening one that makes it far from good. Unidirectional microphones have rear acoustic ports which causes noise as wind enters and turbulence through those ports. But omni microphones from boya mic have no rear ports. That is why these are capable of minimizing the noise of wind. Also, boya mic price in Pakistan is affordable and it is perfect for those who are looking for a microphone that can help them without wind destroying its quality.

Popping plosive sounds

B, P & T are plosive sounds and their popping is another disaster for a video. When the person speaking the words is too close to the mic, this might happen. The rear ports are to be blamed for this as well. It is true that there can be some popping even with omnidirectional mic. But it is more resistant than the unidirectional mic.

Avoid muffled sounds

In many cases the speaker just moves from the right side of the unidirectional mic. As move more to the sides or rear, the sound becomes muffled. This is affecting especially in case of videos. But an omnidirectional mic is capable of capturing sounds from the all the sides properly. no matter on which side you are, it will capture clear sound.

Boya mics are available on khawajaphotos at an affordable price. The package comes with lapel clip, windscreen, button battery, adapter and a manual in English. Create your videos with this omnidirectional mic and let the people enjoy better sound quality.