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The recommended boya mics

Do you plan to set up a recording studio and now thinking about buying the best inexpensive mics in Pakistan? When simply setting up your first recording studio, the conceivable array of brands and types of microphones available in Pakistan can be overwhelming. There are a couple of interesting points to consider. One is the Boya mic price in Pakistan which is the inquiries of many potential buyers.

But to know the price of boya mics in Pakistan first know that there are two types – dynamic and condenser and each cost differently. One of the serious confusions one makes is to argue that the condenser mics are expensive to the dynamic ones or that condenser mics can be used for vocals and elements for instruments. Anyone who exercises such admonitions cannot understand what he is talking about; They should stop in this general area and move away until they become familiar with a few things.

Where to buy Boya mic

If you’re looking for a boya mic, or if you have been looking for  Boya mic price in Pakistan, you get a greater amount of low-end detail and a little more high-end detail on Khawaja photos. That being said, there are still exceptional and terrible ones.

Here are the recommended ones

  1. The Boya BY-DM200

If you are interested in buying a mic for iPhone, I would encourage you to buy Boya BY-DM200. This is the mic that does a reasonably good job and not the first cheap one you see at a discount. Don’t just buy anything as you can land on ones that sound terrible; This is because they tend to have a coarse and fragile sound. It may sound good at first testing but after some time of use, that heaviness will come full front and hit you hard.

  1. Boya BY-MM1 universal mic

A progression from tracks recorded with Boya BY-MM1 mics will sound really smooth and extremely satisfying to the ear.

It is another brand of boya mic that I would suggest. Cost only RS 3,500. A useful and inexpensive condenser microphone is the MXL-V67. With a good mic preamp, this mic will outperform many condensers, which are undeniably more expensive.

If you’ve ever listened to a record by Boya BY-MM1, there’s a good chance you’ve heard how it perfectly yields. You could almost put money on it. It is probably the most recommended mic and can be used for snare drums, electric guitars, violins, percussion, and more, but is also commonly used for vocals. (I’ve said at times that I might want to do an entire record with just this mic and wouldn’t rave about it enough about regular audiences to know). They are surprisingly economical when new. If you’re recording in twenty years, chances are you’ll be after this mic.


So if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, these two mics are good investments for a first-time buyer, but the important thing is to do more research if you are still not sure about the best of the Boya mic price in Pakistan. Ask experienced artists and see what they can teach you.