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Godox Easy Softbox 60×60 with S1-Bracket For Speedlit’s


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Product Highlights:

1 x Foldable softbox
2 x Soft light cloth
1 x Godox speedlite bracket
1 x Portable bag


Out of stock

Godox Easy box 60×60 with S Bracket    PRICE IN PAKISTAN is 9000rs

Collapsible Mounting Brackets:

  • It is adjustable to accommodate about all speed lights with famous hotshoe.
  • It has built in output holes for the purpose of connecting soft box.
  • The mounting bracket have adjustable height upto 8. It is considered to the horizontal bracket from center of the ring.
  • Mounting bracket longest height is 12.5”.
  • Shortest height is about 10”.
  • Inner diameter of the metal ring is 3.5”.
  • 6” is the outer diameter of the ring.

Studio Softbox:

  • These  are 60×60 studio boxes with 3.75” diameters and collapsible holes
  • It has both kinds of the outer and inner diffuser.
  • For concentrating light, there are four sided reflectors.
  • Improves the quality by softening the light and removing the shadows.
  • It is very easy to setup for a studio or any outdoor location.

Carrying Cases:

These portable carrying cases are made up for mounting brackets and soft boxes.

  • The size of the bag for carrying softbox have 9.5” diameter.
  • The length of the carrying case is 13” and width and height is 3.5” and 8.5” respectively.
  • Stand is not included in the whole package.
  • – Size: 60x60cm
    – Light Weight & easy to set up Collapsible L-Shaped Mounting Bracket.
    – Provides Greater Light that is very even
    – No Hot Spots or Concentric Circles
    – Silver reflective internal face and Black back side
    – Outer and inner soft diffuser included
    – Fully adjustable to accommodate almost all speedlites with hotshoes
    – Able to connect to tripod stand (not included) or be put on a studio table
    – Adjustable height, max. 8″ from the center point of the metal ring to the horizontal bracket
    – Mounting Bracket Height (with metal ring): 10″ shortest and 12-1/2″ longest

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